A few I-phone Must Have Apps – Guest Post

Today, I have a special Guest Post by John Smith who also owns and writes for – http://mobilewetten.org/

Let me tell you that I very rarely ever have anyone guest post in my other blogs, but if I believe the content is good and we can learn from it…why not?

So, with that being said…I would like to welcome John Smith


Apple’s App store is the second largest app store with over million apps for you to choose from. If you have recently bought an Iphone and are not sure which apps you would like to download or which apps will be the best one for your Iphone, don’t worry, our tech-savvy team has played literally with almost all of apps over the years and have filtered down this extensive list for you.

In recent years, the app market has seen an enormous growth with programmers around the world creating new apps to make life easier and simpler. Apps enhance user experience and makes smart phone really smart.

Please feel free to share your best app amongst these and your opinions in comments section.

Apps – you must have on your Iphone.

1). iDatabase:

-The name speaks for itself, it’s a personal database.
-It is an ideal way to organize all your information.
-Once information is organized, you would not even have to worry about finding it, no trouble whatsoever.

-Either you can create your own database from scratch or use included 22 readymade templates.

List of Customized templates:

1 Accounts
2 Books
3 CD Collection
4 Classes
5 Computers
6 Contacts
7 Customers
8 DVD Collection
9 Events
10 Exercise Log
11 Expenses
12 Inventory
13 Movie Catalog
14 Membership List
15 Mobile Phones
16 Notes
17 Pet Care
18 Projects
19 Records
20 Recipes
21 To Do
22 Vehicle Maintenance

With abundant fields to create your own data, idatabase gives you the power to choose; power to create what you want.

List of Fields:

1.) Small Text
2).Large Text
3). Number
4). Date
6). Date and Time
7). Image
8). Item Picker
9). Password
10). Checkbox
11). Web Link
12). Email and Calculation


2). Analog Portland:

-It’s a quality photography app to bring the freshness and the beauty of analog photography to your iphone.

-Analog Portland is in fact the first app of Analog film city series.

-Ten photographic filters, with more promised soon, you can give your pictures a Portland feel.

-You also get plenty of direct sharing option: Instagram, Sina Weibo, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Email.

Editing Tools to create amazing photos:

1). Exposure
2). Brightness
3). Saturation
4). Contrast
5). Vignette
6). Film Grain Texture
7). Rotate & Flip
8). Sharpen
9). Temperature
10). Highlights
11). Shadows
12). Dusted & Scratched Textures

3). OooPlay:

With an overall minimalist design approach, this super simple music player with no language barriers and border allows you to play music straight away.

Some of the prime features OooPlay are:-

1).You can separate the music you like and from the music didn’t enjoy by using the left sliding and right sliding options.

2).Both Airplay Function & Day/Night mode switch function is supported.
3).An option to play music for a set time. I think that pretty easy to understand. If you want to listen to music for 15 minutes, set the timer and the music will stop by it-self.

4).Singer’s icon, when pressed, enables you to play songs of a specific artist.

6). Radio Tuner:

-A grand way to listen to the radio which features more than 50,000 radio-stations from around the planet.

-Multitude of channels with variety of languages and genres, this app will bring music to your iphone with spectacular features other that you will definitely love.

7). How to Tie a Tie:

-Always confused and left at mercy of other while tying a knot.

-Get this App, not only you tie a knot by yourself but simultaneously you will get to learn 30 different type of knots, necktie knots (Windsor, Eldredge, For-in-Hand, Trinity), bow ties, ascots, pocket square folds and men scarves.

-With an amazing feature of virtual mirror, you can watch how to tie a knot and at the same time tie it by looking at the screen on your iphone. Watch & learn.

8). What’s On Air Pro:

-It’s an advanced radio player app wherein many user’s can listen to a song and at the same time use the build in messaging system in the app to socialize.

-It gives you a feeling togetherness; know what music your friends like and if you decide to attach to your friends to Air Pro then your device will automatically tune in to the their radio-station. Pretty Awesome!!!

Iphone 6 is here, What’s Next?

With the launch of iphone6 and iphone6s in the month of September and spectacular world-wide response, speculation about the new Apples iphone is already around the globe. What will the next iphone look like, will there be a better camera to outwit its rivals or will it be specs that will blow our mind. Is iphone going to release iphone6s and iphone6s plus or will it go against the trend and launch iphone7 in 2015. In spite of the fact that it would be untimely to say anything in regards to its next launch, how about we look at few expected changes that apple is liable to make in its promising new iphone.

iphone6-Today's Technology Updates


3d Display & a new glass:

The new thing that apple may bring in is the 3D display. This display won’t require us to wear glasses to experience 3D world. There are also rumors that apple entire front panel will be the used for display with no button at all. Apple will probably use a better material for its screen. The question is whether it will use Sapphire (hardest material after diamond) or Corning’s Gorilla Glass 4. Gorilla Glass 4 is more twice durable with respect predecessors and competitors whereas Sapphire is scratch resistant.

DSLR Quality Camera: The next big thing

Already trailing behind its major competitors, Apple will surely bring significant improvement to its camera. So far it is presumed by the experts that apple is likely to have DSLR quality camera which will make use of lesser known peculiar two lens system. Wait and Watch this space for more.

Better Processor:

We can expect iphone to use A9 processor produced by Samsung. Currently, A8 series which is using 20 nanometer designs is a likely to be replaced by 14 nanometer A9 processor. This processor will definitely be faster, efficient, more powerful and smaller than its predecessors.

Some Expected New Features and Design:

Most probably apple will stick to its new 4.7inch display for its iphone7.Moreover, it has already released iphone6 plus with 5.5 inch and if it stick these two size for next two years.

Wireless charging, already proclaimed to be a part of Apple iwatch is liable to be the part next iphone.

One Spectacular feature that we are likely to witness is the safety add on which will ensure that iphone when dropped lands screen up, wow. This unusual update will significantly reduce the chance of crackled display.

Let’s  hold our horses till the time we get the actual feel of next iphone , but before that its Apple long awaited iwatch which has been designed to work iphone 6 too that going to leave us all dumbfounded.