Google’s upcoming Project ARA Smartphone will be the best Smartphone in 2016

Do you remember Google’s Phonebloks Project Ara? If you answer is no, we are here to remind you about that. Project ARA is Google’s concerted effort to create a modular Smartphone with swappable components.  Google promised to launch an android phone that lets you put together your own handset by choosing from various components and modules.  Google is working on Project Ara since, 2013. Here is good news for Smartphone users who are waiting for Project ARA’ release. Potential buyers of Project ARA will now be able to get a hand on the device in a few months.

In a tweet of last summer, Project ARA tweeted that the product would be introduced to the world probably in Aug 2016. Project Ara has been catching the attention of Smartphone fans from the previous year, many Smartphone users waiting for its launch and want to try it out.  If you are planning to buy a new smartphone, wait till Aug 2016 and look out the features and advantages that Project ARA is bringing for you.

Advantages of Project ARA

The biggest advantage of Project ARA’ is that it will enhance the Smartphone experience of Smartphone users. Project ARA will be good especially for those who don’t have enough money to spend on the latest Smartphone technology every year. Instead of purchasing latest Smartphone with new technologies Project ARA’ users can upgrade the components of their Smartphone with time. For example – If you want a better camera in your phone, you just will need to buy a new camera module of your choice and specifications.  If any module of your phone fails you could swap and replace that module of your phone with a new and better module without discarding the entire device.

Unique Features of Project ARA

Project ARA will give you the option to improve parts of your Smartphone in just a second without changing your phone. If you want to update your camera, battery or a processor with a better one, you just need to go their store and look for the module that you want to switch to. You will be able to buy a new module for your Smartphone through an online store, much like you currently buy apps.   You could swap your battery, memory, camera, processor, screen and speaker for a larger and better replacement.

Why it would be the best phone for Android users

Now the company is ready to deliver a great Smartphone that can be easily taken apart and customized according to user’s requirement and budget.  Project ARA would allow you to build exactly the kind of Smartphone that suits your needs.  This phone is designed to reduce waste, with so many Smartphone users today ditching the entire device if one of the components fails.  If we talk about Project ARA’s expected price, the company has worked hard to make a unique Smartphone for their users at an affordable price.  Project ARA’s prices would be lower than other Smartphones in the market.  Project ARA would be the best customizable Phone for Android users in 2016.

6 Reason Why Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the king of tablet PC

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is the king of tablet PC and is the latest in the range of high-powered business hybrids. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 positioned as the most popular and flexible alternative to traditional devices in both categories: in width and weight as a tablet, and the sturdiness of a conventional laptop.

Microsoft designed a new surface pro 4 to blur the line between laptop and tablet and to make an important part of your life. Let us discuss some of best features of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 that will convince you that Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the king of tablet PC.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 tablet has outstanding look

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 has the most powerful portability. It has the sleekest and outstanding look among its competitors, designed especially for carrying out business work and meetings. It comes with a 12.30-inch display with a resolution of 2736 pixels by 1824 pixels at a PPI of 267 pixels per inch.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 tablet measures 292.10 x 201.42 x 8.45 (height x width x thickness) and weighs 766.00 grams. That is easy to carry and use at any place.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 can easily adapt to your life

Forget the hassle of carrying multiple devices. The Surface Pro 4 delivers the versatility of a tablet and a laptop in a single sophisticated package. In a minute you can change the Surface Pro from a screen with keyboard to an ultra-light tablet. Its multi-position kickstand gives you a work station wherever you are.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is driven by windows 10

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 runs the latest Windows OS and Microsoft Office2. It is powered by latest Windows 10 that comes with touch-screen functionality and limitless apps. The best thing is that it has the ability to write directly on web pages through the Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is comprised of multiple Innovative technologies

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is comprised with multiple innovative technologies that provide powerful simple solution to your day. It lets you sign in without a password. As the tablet features window 10, so Windows 10’s new personal assistant Cortana is a part to assist you with work. The ingenious Surface Pen with surface pro is another intelligent technology that lets you open a blank one note page with a single click.

Memory specifications of Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet

Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet Includes Intel Core M3 processor. Its memory consists of 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage that can be expanded via a microSD card. It is an absurd amount of space by tablet standards.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 tablet’s camera specifications

If we talk about tablet’s camera it is packed with an 8-megapixel primary camera on the rear and a 5-megapixel front shooter for best selfie experience. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 also include Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer, and Gyroscope. Along with this it also has improved connectivity options include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Samsung Launching Galaxy S7 & LG Launching G5 on same date 21st February, 2016

If you are a big fan of Android Phones, get ready for hot news and mark your calendars for February 21. The next big Android Phones from Samsung and LG will be shown off globally on the same date. Both companies will launch their newly updated android phones on 21 February with a number of new features. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and LG’s G5 will say hello to the world on the same day this month.

Expected New Coming Features of Samsung’s Galaxy S7

samsung galaxy s7MicroSD Card Slot: Fans of Samsung’s Android phones are expecting lot more from Samsung’s Galaxy S7. People using Galaxy S6 caught flak for losing its popular microSD storage slot (and removable battery) at what time Samsung switched from a plastic body. It is expected that Samsung will bring back the microSD card slot (non removable battery) in Galaxy S7.

Screen / Size/ Color: From 2 – 3 years, Samsung has launched S-series with 5.1-inch screen. Now it is expected that screen could bump over slightly to 5.2 inches. Screen will be having Gorilla glass protection on both sides to protect it from scratches and dust. Whereas there is no confirmation coming from Samsung that the Galaxy S7 body size will grow, shrink or stay the same. It will available in various colors like black, white, silver and golden.

3D Touch Display: It is also expected that Galaxy S7 will have a pressure-sensitive screen like the 3D Touch display on the Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

Live Photos a New Feature: Galaxy S7s will also have its new version of Apple iPhone 6S’ new features, Live Photos. This coming feature will allow you to take still photos in a half screen and in other half you can capture live video right as you took the stills. Some picture editing features are also expected to come.

Improved Camera: Camera will be improved with a sensor, called Britecell, that’s designed to make low-light camera shots look even better. Its rear 12 megapixel camera will have a larger sensor than the Galaxy S6’s 16-megapixel camera. Front camera will be improved and will be better to click low-light photos.

Internet Browser: Internet browser will be improved and faster as compared to their previous launches.

Price: If we talk about price, the price of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is expected 10 percent lower than rival phones in order to stay more competitive in the market.

Expected Features of LG’s G5

LG g5Battery: If we talk about LG’s new launch G5, it is going to be really advanced this time. It will come with Li-ion battery 4000 mAh with fast charging (within 1 hour).

Screen / Size/ Color: It is expected that the size of screen will be 5.6 inches with a flexible slim design. This phone will also have Gorilla glass protection on both sides. It will come in improved metallic design. LG’s G5 will have true HD picture resolution which is going to provide superb picture quality while playing high-end games. It will have improved touched ID.

Improved Camera with Iris Eye Recognition Technology: LG’s G5 will have 20 Megapixels camera at the back with advanced autofocus and LED flash. From front it will have 10 MP HD snapper. The new feature they added to it is the iris eye recognition technology. With this technology G5 will be able to detect your Retina from 50 centimeters distance and can check the whole list of features of your face. It will give you a best experience of clicking the right pictures.

Internet Browser:
LG G5 will also have fast internet connectivity with 4G LTE CAT9 data transfer speed (450 MB/Sec) to your mobile device


The expected price of LG G5 is 10% more than its previous launches because of its incredible look and improved battery feature.

Comparison between Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and LG’s G5

If we compare Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and LG’s G5, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is launching with a bit more features than LG’s G5. We can say both companies are launching different type of products whereas some features are still same but newly added features by both companies to their upcoming phones are very different from each other’s. There is no straight comparison between both phones. Buyer has to decide that which new feature he wanted to have in his android phone and which phone he wants to buy.

Apple Watch: Apple’s First Wearable

Apple watch not iwatch is a wearable computing device that runs on IOS based user interface. It’s a watch with variety of spectacular features. Apple’s first wearable gadget will be compatible with iphone5, iphone5s, iphone5C, iphone6 and iphone6 plus.



Let us look into the price, features and design of this most awaited Apple watch.

Estimated pricing:

India: Rs.60, 000 to Rs.65, 000.

Apple watch edition, like the one made of gold, will cost up to $10000.


Ways to interact with the device

I. Touch Screen II. Digital Crown and III. Siri (voice-based digital assistant).

Digital Crown: There are still apprehensions about how to use the touch on Apple watch but the digital crown on the side, which in actual is a traditional watch winder transformed into a navigation tool, will make it easier and faster for users to interact with the device which is likely to have lot of apps on the screen. Digital Crown will help user to zoom in and zoom out swiftly and accurately.

There is Siri Voice Control too which further will make it easier to interact and quickly send messages. Using touch would be inconvenient on smaller screen therefore siri is a much needed addition to it.

Battery Life: You will have to charge this device daily primarily because you are much more than you imagine. You will use iphone less as this device will do all basic tasks of it. It will keep you connected to your phone.

Resolution: Different models have different display resolutions Smaller, 38mm models have a display 1.5-inch 272 x 340 whereas bigger, a 42mm model brags of 1.65-inch 312 x 390 display.


Apple watch will be available in two different sizes, 38mm for women and slightly bigger 42mm for men.

Types of Apple watch

I. Apple Watch

II. Apple Watch Sport

III. Apple Watch Edition

Material Used:

I. Stainless Steel

II. Silver Aluminium

III. 18-Karat Gold

IV. Space Black Stainless Steel

V. Space Grey Aluminium

VI. 8-Karat Rose Gold

Stainless Steel is primarily for Apple Watch Sport whereas Gold is available only in Apple watch edition.

With six stunning strap options and six elegant material finishes , you will love to wear this gadget every day.

Health and Fitness Features

With Heart rate monitor, exercise reminders this device monitors your activity throughout the day. Four sensors built on the flip side with the use photo sensors, infra red visible light LEDS monitor your heart rate and the accelerometer tracks your movement.

The apple watch is likely to come with apple workout apps and apple activity apps.