Grinding Horde Levels 10 – 20

At character level 11 you should already know where Far Watch Post is in the Barrens. Go into the center of the Barrens and on the way find Grol’dom Farms. Then keep traveling until reaching the center of the Barrens at the Crossroads. Go to Zharg near the camp fence and get an easy quest to deliver meats to Ogrimmar via the flight master in the camp (Meats to Ogrimmar). Find the Crossroads flight master. Part two is actually taking a flight to Orgrimmar (Ride to Ogrimmar). When you find the Ogrimmar innkeeper and deliver the meats the innkeeper then gives you a letter to take back to Zharg, but first you need to find the Ogrimmar flight master (Doras the Windmaster Rider). Finding him is not hard since you found him on the way into Ogrimmar in the first place. He then gives you the final leg quest back to Crossroads (Return to Crossroads). Find Zharg back at camp and finish the quest.

Sergra, the Crossroads camp leader, wants you to kill enough Plainstriders, ostriches, to gain 7 beaks (Plainstrider Menace). Sergra then directs you to kill enough Zhevras to bring back 4 Zhevra hooves (The Zhevra).

At the Crossroads go to the alchemist troll Helbrim in the middle of the camp and get his delivery quest to Ratchet, a port south of Crossroads (Wharfmaster Dizzywig). You gain points for finding the goblin Dizzywig on the Ratchet wharf. Helbrim also asks you to find some mushrooms for him near the Barren oases (Fungal Spores). You find the mushrooms at the Lush Oasis southwest of Crossroads. You can take out some centaurs at the same time for other quests (Kolkar Bracers).

Gazrog, near the camp inn, wants you to kill 12 raptors for him for stealing his silver (Raptor Thieves).

Thork at Crossroads gives you a quest to fight the Razormane pigmen in the area. You are to kill 8 thornweavers, 8 waterseekers and 3 hunters (Disrupt the Attacks). The hunters are tougher because they also have a pet wolf with them.

At level 12 you go to your class trainer in Orgrimmar, Sorek, who directs you to seek out Veteran Uzzek at Far Watch Post, on the border of Durotar and the Barrens (Veteran Uzzek). Uzzek then wants you to go get 5 thunderlizard scales. Uzzek then tells you to find Thungrim Firegaze, and orc hermit on one of the hills in the Barrens (Thungrim Firegaze). Thungrim then challenges you to get his iron box back from Razormane thieves in Thorn Hill (Forged Steel).

In the meantime Sergra at Crossroads wants you to kill prowlers and gain 7 prowler paws after you completed your Zhrevra quest (Prowlers of the Barrens).

On the way west of Crossroads you find Rethgar’s base. He gives you a charge to kill Kolkar Centaurs while in the area (Kolkar Bracers).

Tonga at Crossroads asks you to find a source of power leaking from one of the Barrens’ oases (The Forgotten Pools). You need to get in the pool, go underwater and swim around until you find a bubbling crack in the bottom to complete the quest.

Level 13 requires 11,400 points. This is a grind level on anything that moves in the Barrens.

At level 14 Manrik at Crossroads wants you to find his wife lost in battle near Camp Tourajo (Lost in Battle). Manrik also hates the Bristleback Razormane near Camp Tourajo and wants you to kill enough to bring back 60 tusks. Do this while doing other quests on the Razormane (Consumed by Hatred).

The troll apothecary in Crossroads wants you to make a delivery to Zamah in Thunder Bluff. You have 45 minutes to complete the quest (Apothecary Zamah). Simultaneously, Tonga at Crossroads wants you to take seeds and place them in a fissure in the Stagnant Oasis, southeast of crossroads (The Stagnant Oasis).

The numerous quests continue with Tonga asking you to go kill snapjaw turtles in the Oases so he can examine them. He needs 8 shells (Altered Beings). Tonga then guides you to talk to the druid Hamaal Runetotem in Thunder Bluff (Hamaal Runetotem). Use a flight master to get there quick. He is in the Hall of the Elders. Hamaal then tells you to talk to Nara Wildmane (Nara Wildmane). Nara is in the same tent so this is an easy quest. Tonga also asks you to talk to Mura Runetotem at the Sepulcher. The Sepulcher is in undead land, and you will need to return to Ogrimmar and take the blimp to Tirisfal Glades to get to the Sepulcher (Mura Runetotem).

You find an empty keg among the loot of a razormane. The solution is in Ratchet (Chen’s Empty Keg) when you find the orc brewmaster. The brewmaster then gives you a quest to get some of Chen’s brew. You have to get 5 plainstrider kidneys, 5 prowler tusks, and 1 stormsnout horn (Chen’s Empty Keg 2).

You meet Sputtervalve the Goblin near the Ratchet flightmaster and he asks you to figure out the Venture Company samophlange. The Venture Company site is to the north of the Crossroads near the mountains (Samophlange).

At level 16 through 18 you can gain a couple hundred points just exploring the lands around Ratchet. The Goblin Mebok in Ratchet needs 5 raptor horns from sunscale scythclaws (Raptor Horns). Also you need to kill 12 pirates and 6 cannoneers south of ratchet (Southsea Freebooters). Gazlowe then wants you to take a ledger down to the dock (The Missing Shipment). The dockmaster tells you to return to Gazlowe with the response (The Missing Shipment 2). Gazlow thinks the missing items were stolen by the pirates so charges you to recover the item (The Stolen Booty).

Thork at Crossroads charges you again to kill 8 Geomancers, 8 Defenders, and Greenig Karlsnout the leader of the local Razormane (The Disruption Ends). Thork advises you to report to Kadrak at the Northern Barrens watch post (Report to Kadrak).

Rethgar then charges you to kill the Kolkar leader Barak Kodobane (Kolkar Leaders). Barak is located near the forgotten pools. Bring back Barak’s head. Rethgar then wants you to get Verog the Centaur’s head. He’s located near the stagnant oasis (Verog the Dervish). Grind on raptors, hyenas and centaurs.

Segra at Crossroads gives you her final warrior assignment to kill the king of the lions (Eechekayaa). The lion is located south of the Venture Co. mining in the north barrens. Sergra then decides it’s time for you to tackle scythclaw raptors (The Angry Scythlaws). Grind on raptors to finish off level 18.

For level 19 and when done with your Crossroads quests, Sergra tasks you to find Jorn Skyseer in Camp Tourajo (Jorn Skyseer).

Jorn tasks you to kill the king of Raptors and bring his fang back to Jorn (Ishamuhale). The dead tree south of the razormane and east of the crossroads is his lair. Kill a zhevra for bait, and then wait for him to appear. Jorn then wants you to kill thunder lizards and return with 3 blood samples (Enraged Thunderlizards). Jorn then asks you to find and hunt an Thunderhawk and bring back its wings (Cry of the Thunderhawk). Just find a Thunderhawk hatchling outside of Camp Tourajo.

After killing the raptors near the Crossroads, Gazrog is happy but still wants his silver. He directs you to find the raptor nests south of Ratchet and get his silver (Stolen Silver). Finally, grind on pirates on the merchant coast south of Ratchet to close out level 19. Congrats, you made level 20.