Google’s upcoming Project ARA Smartphone will be the best Smartphone in 2016

Do you remember Google’s Phonebloks Project Ara? If you answer is no, we are here to remind you about that. Project ARA is Google’s concerted effort to create a modular Smartphone with swappable components.  Google promised to launch an android phone that lets you put together your own handset by choosing from various components and modules.  Google is working on Project Ara since, 2013. Here is good news for Smartphone users who are waiting for Project ARA’ release. Potential buyers of Project ARA will now be able to get a hand on the device in a few months.

In a tweet of last summer, Project ARA tweeted that the product would be introduced to the world probably in Aug 2016. Project Ara has been catching the attention of Smartphone fans from the previous year, many Smartphone users waiting for its launch and want to try it out.  If you are planning to buy a new smartphone, wait till Aug 2016 and look out the features and advantages that Project ARA is bringing for you.

Advantages of Project ARA

The biggest advantage of Project ARA’ is that it will enhance the Smartphone experience of Smartphone users. Project ARA will be good especially for those who don’t have enough money to spend on the latest Smartphone technology every year. Instead of purchasing latest Smartphone with new technologies Project ARA’ users can upgrade the components of their Smartphone with time. For example – If you want a better camera in your phone, you just will need to buy a new camera module of your choice and specifications.  If any module of your phone fails you could swap and replace that module of your phone with a new and better module without discarding the entire device.

Unique Features of Project ARA

Project ARA will give you the option to improve parts of your Smartphone in just a second without changing your phone. If you want to update your camera, battery or a processor with a better one, you just need to go their store and look for the module that you want to switch to. You will be able to buy a new module for your Smartphone through an online store, much like you currently buy apps.   You could swap your battery, memory, camera, processor, screen and speaker for a larger and better replacement.

Why it would be the best phone for Android users

Now the company is ready to deliver a great Smartphone that can be easily taken apart and customized according to user’s requirement and budget.  Project ARA would allow you to build exactly the kind of Smartphone that suits your needs.  This phone is designed to reduce waste, with so many Smartphone users today ditching the entire device if one of the components fails.  If we talk about Project ARA’s expected price, the company has worked hard to make a unique Smartphone for their users at an affordable price.  Project ARA’s prices would be lower than other Smartphones in the market.  Project ARA would be the best customizable Phone for Android users in 2016.