HTC One M10 the Next Generation Beast: Launching Soon

htc-one-m10 Many high-end brands like Samsung and LG are launching their Android Smart Phones with lots of new unique features this year. The majority of the next-gen android lovers attention have found itself cast on the upcoming Samsung’s Galaxy S7and the LG’s G5 however another smartphone company is coming early this year with a terrific smartphone that is surely going to catch the attention of Android users especially the ones who are planning to buy a smartphone in the coming days. Yes, HTC One of the most popular and high-end brand among Android Smart Phones is making public its next flagship smartphone. HTC is launching its new flagship “HTC One M10” this year, most probably in March. Potential buyers are starting to see a clearer picture of what to expect from HTC One M10. Here we are sharing some specifications of the upcoming HTC One M10 for potential buyers.

Battery, Dual-SIM and Display:

If we talk about HTC One M10’s battery, it is going to be really advanced this time. HTC One M10 will come with Li-ion battery 3500 mAh. This Phone will support Dual-SIM (Nano-version). It is expected that phone will have a new design and the size of the screen will increase from 5 to 5.1 or 5.2. Screen resolution will be 1440 x 2560 pixels and pixel density would be 565 PPI. HTC One M10’s display will come with waterproof and dustproof certification.

Processor / RAM Specifications :

As of HTC One M10 processor is concerned, you must know HTC provides a built-in powerful snapdragon chipset. It is expected that the processor will be – Qualcomm 82X with 3.X GHz Quad-core HMP cyclone technology. RAM will be 4GB with 64GB / 128GB onboard memory solution.


Previous launches of HTC established an image that HTC is moving with the trend silently. As already there is a trend for taking selfies, so HTC is launching an improved selfie Smartphone with an high-end specification. So, it is expected that the new HTC One M10 will have bigger camera module with dual-camera – Front Camera will range in between 20 – 27MP and Rear camera will be 4MP with face detection Auto-focus technology.

4K Resolution with HD Display

If you remember in early 2013, there was a new trend to have a full HD display and HTC was very first to have full HD display feature in phones. So, it is expected that 4K-resolution display or 2K-resolution display will be a part of HTC One – M10 display configuration. It is the next big thing that is expected to come in the HTC M10, in order to  compete in a very competitive android market. Whereas no confirmation comes from HTC regarding 4K resolution display, but HD display will be an essential feature.

Price of the HTC One M10

HTC One M10’s expected price would be in the range of 650$ to 800$. HTC will not come for a cheaper price, as you can see the above specification will increase the manufacturing cost and the final product will also be expensive. However, people are paying the same price since 2013 for HTC and HTC has proven its worth beyond doubt for its users.

Samsung Launching Galaxy S7 & LG Launching G5 on same date 21st February, 2016

If you are a big fan of Android Phones, get ready for hot news and mark your calendars for February 21. The next big Android Phones from Samsung and LG will be shown off globally on the same date. Both companies will launch their newly updated android phones on 21 February with a number of new features. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and LG’s G5 will say hello to the world on the same day this month.

Expected New Coming Features of Samsung’s Galaxy S7

samsung galaxy s7MicroSD Card Slot: Fans of Samsung’s Android phones are expecting lot more from Samsung’s Galaxy S7. People using Galaxy S6 caught flak for losing its popular microSD storage slot (and removable battery) at what time Samsung switched from a plastic body. It is expected that Samsung will bring back the microSD card slot (non removable battery) in Galaxy S7.

Screen / Size/ Color: From 2 – 3 years, Samsung has launched S-series with 5.1-inch screen. Now it is expected that screen could bump over slightly to 5.2 inches. Screen will be having Gorilla glass protection on both sides to protect it from scratches and dust. Whereas there is no confirmation coming from Samsung that the Galaxy S7 body size will grow, shrink or stay the same. It will available in various colors like black, white, silver and golden.

3D Touch Display: It is also expected that Galaxy S7 will have a pressure-sensitive screen like the 3D Touch display on the Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

Live Photos a New Feature: Galaxy S7s will also have its new version of Apple iPhone 6S’ new features, Live Photos. This coming feature will allow you to take still photos in a half screen and in other half you can capture live video right as you took the stills. Some picture editing features are also expected to come.

Improved Camera: Camera will be improved with a sensor, called Britecell, that’s designed to make low-light camera shots look even better. Its rear 12 megapixel camera will have a larger sensor than the Galaxy S6’s 16-megapixel camera. Front camera will be improved and will be better to click low-light photos.

Internet Browser: Internet browser will be improved and faster as compared to their previous launches.

Price: If we talk about price, the price of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is expected 10 percent lower than rival phones in order to stay more competitive in the market.

Expected Features of LG’s G5

LG g5Battery: If we talk about LG’s new launch G5, it is going to be really advanced this time. It will come with Li-ion battery 4000 mAh with fast charging (within 1 hour).

Screen / Size/ Color: It is expected that the size of screen will be 5.6 inches with a flexible slim design. This phone will also have Gorilla glass protection on both sides. It will come in improved metallic design. LG’s G5 will have true HD picture resolution which is going to provide superb picture quality while playing high-end games. It will have improved touched ID.

Improved Camera with Iris Eye Recognition Technology: LG’s G5 will have 20 Megapixels camera at the back with advanced autofocus and LED flash. From front it will have 10 MP HD snapper. The new feature they added to it is the iris eye recognition technology. With this technology G5 will be able to detect your Retina from 50 centimeters distance and can check the whole list of features of your face. It will give you a best experience of clicking the right pictures.

Internet Browser:
LG G5 will also have fast internet connectivity with 4G LTE CAT9 data transfer speed (450 MB/Sec) to your mobile device


The expected price of LG G5 is 10% more than its previous launches because of its incredible look and improved battery feature.

Comparison between Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and LG’s G5

If we compare Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and LG’s G5, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is launching with a bit more features than LG’s G5. We can say both companies are launching different type of products whereas some features are still same but newly added features by both companies to their upcoming phones are very different from each other’s. There is no straight comparison between both phones. Buyer has to decide that which new feature he wanted to have in his android phone and which phone he wants to buy.