The Death of Internet Explorer

No one can deny the way that Internet Explorer is dying in some horrible, nightmarish way. Despite the fact that Microsoft is making a decent attempt to save it yet it’s not enough. Internet Explorer’s arch-rival, especially Google Chrome and Mozilla firebox, are emulating significantly more aggressive approach in making this route to captivating digital world better and trouble free for the audiences.internet explorer

Dreary methodology of Microsoft even when Mozilla Firefox consistently expanded its piece of the pie after 2005 and Google chrome after 2008 has left the giant conglomerate anesthetized. Of late, Microsoft has utilized some peculiar techniques and publicizing to increase back the lost ground yet it has been of no use. Microsoft has not possessed the capacity to withstand and fight against these far praiseworthy and speedier browsers.

Let’s have a look at some statistics to see how IE is falling apart.

Apple Watch: Apple’s First Wearable

Apple watch not iwatch is a wearable computing device that runs on IOS based user interface. It’s a watch with variety of spectacular features. Apple’s first wearable gadget will be compatible with iphone5, iphone5s, iphone5C, iphone6 and iphone6 plus.



Let us look into the price, features and design of this most awaited Apple watch.

Estimated pricing:

India: Rs.60, 000 to Rs.65, 000.

Apple watch edition, like the one made of gold, will cost up to $10000.


Ways to interact with the device

I. Touch Screen II. Digital Crown and III. Siri (voice-based digital assistant).

Digital Crown: There are still apprehensions about how to use the touch on Apple watch but the digital crown on the side, which in actual is a traditional watch winder transformed into a navigation tool, will make it easier and faster for users to interact with the device which is likely to have lot of apps on the screen. Digital Crown will help user to zoom in and zoom out swiftly and accurately.

There is Siri Voice Control too which further will make it easier to interact and quickly send messages. Using touch would be inconvenient on smaller screen therefore siri is a much needed addition to it.

Battery Life: You will have to charge this device daily primarily because you are much more than you imagine. You will use iphone less as this device will do all basic tasks of it. It will keep you connected to your phone.

Resolution: Different models have different display resolutions Smaller, 38mm models have a display 1.5-inch 272 x 340 whereas bigger, a 42mm model brags of 1.65-inch 312 x 390 display.


Apple watch will be available in two different sizes, 38mm for women and slightly bigger 42mm for men.

Types of Apple watch

I. Apple Watch

II. Apple Watch Sport

III. Apple Watch Edition

Material Used:

I. Stainless Steel

II. Silver Aluminium

III. 18-Karat Gold

IV. Space Black Stainless Steel

V. Space Grey Aluminium

VI. 8-Karat Rose Gold

Stainless Steel is primarily for Apple Watch Sport whereas Gold is available only in Apple watch edition.

With six stunning strap options and six elegant material finishes , you will love to wear this gadget every day.

Health and Fitness Features

With Heart rate monitor, exercise reminders this device monitors your activity throughout the day. Four sensors built on the flip side with the use photo sensors, infra red visible light LEDS monitor your heart rate and the accelerometer tracks your movement.

The apple watch is likely to come with apple workout apps and apple activity apps.